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about luis de maia

He did it all.
He was a postman, eclectic DJ, geriatric nurse.
Worked as a welder in a stunt team, as a bouncer in the best club in town and as a graphic designer in a small advertising agency in Lisbon.
Luis is clearly a child of the late 80s and 90s Clubculture.
Soulboy, mod, breakdancer.
Always underground, sometimes avant-garde and always kind of punk. But above all, always a designer in everything he does.

Art, music and photography have been his companions from way back when and since he has been behind the camera.
Luis has shot documentaries in crisis and war zones, as well as feature films, music videos and, among many other things, wildlife films in the rainforests of South America.

Luis has been working very successfully as a dop and director for several years now, exclusively in the advertising industry.
So you could just call him the most experienced youngster you can get.

Most importantly though, he's a charismatic, multitasking, and empathetic dop.
On set he is quick, polite and always charming with a vast experience and strong technical know-how.
No matter where, or for which format, we love his creative diversity and his constant search for the perfect picture, with which he supports every project in a creative and unique way.

Working with Luis is simply a pleasure.

As the child of political refugees from two different countries and a constant traveler, he feels at home anywhere in the world.
In his free time, he commutes between Portugal and Germany, together with his wonderful wife, the great son and now two fluffy cats.

Luis speaks German, English and Portuguese.

filmography luis de maia


barmenia / rabbicorn
raiffeisen / dir: david aufdembrinke / das rund
eucerin / cndy film
bayer priorin / dir: andy heidenreich / stereo films
bion3 / twinfilm
rewe / dir: martin haerlin / stereo films
occhio / oki films
parle / dir: ezra hurwitz / bindery ny
logitech / dir: jan litzinger / shotz film
bmw iaa opener / dir: juliane taudt / elastique
audi / dir: arndt buss / gate 11
knuspr / dir: axel weirowski / 27km
coral / Twinfilm
Arbeiterkammer Österreich / dir: nozy / ppm film vienna
bg phoenix / dir: nozy / nozy films
head & shoulders / dir: Justus Becker / twinfilm
bionade / oki films
barmenia / rabbicorn
aldi / dir: kronck / oki films
p&g / twinfilm
foodwatch / dir: fariba & andi / nozy films
b&o / dir: roman prochnow / namoto films
lidl / dir andy heidenreich / stereo films
bmw / conde nast japan/germany
fishermen's friend / namoto films
mytheresa / dir: andy heidenreich / stereo films
bmw - simulator / dir: ole zapatka / territory munich
nimm2 lachgummi / dir: roy raz / blm film
abbott - freestyle libre / namoto films
ramazotti / dir: martines / oki films
vorwerk / dir: christian sommer / namoto films
ravensburger / namoto films
canophera / dir: kronck / oki films
head&shoulders / dir: felix urbauer / e+p
sky - dskm / oki films
ehrmann almighurt / dir: frank neesemann / namoto films
in extremo musicvideo / dir: fariba & andi / nozy films
hexal lorano / dir: kronck / neverest
dmax / dir: the dons / 27km
sky dskm - miss you/ dir: tim löhr / oki films
m.asam tutorials / neverest
m.asam / neverest
vorwerk / neverest
dr. hauschka / dir: andi pfohl & fariba buchheim / nozy films
penny / dir.: vytautas chiebinskas / pretty films
lindt oster kids / dir: britta poetzsch / harvest, hamburg
mc donalds / oki films
rewe - scheine für vereine q4 / dir: the dons / markenfilm crossing
schönklinikbrandt zwieback / dir. tim stoffel / neverest
linkedin / dir: max niemann / oki films
deutsche bahn / dir: max niemann / e+p hamburg
hse "gianna ina" / neverest
vw battery / dir: kronck / fiction film, munich
fc bayern "trikot" / dir: philip stölzl / twinfilm, munich
dr. beckmann / neverest
sky / oki films / dir: gabriel borgetto
payback / dir: kronck / oki films
elmex / dir: oliver julius / filmservice, prague
develey senf / dir: coco winter / victor film
abb 2019/ neverest
musterring / palladium / dir: ralph loop
sky ticket / oki films / dir: kronck
lieferheld / neverest
a1 digital bran / dir: kronck / mxr, vienna
homann / dir: martines / wunderfilm, hamburg
m asam
brandt mini´s / dir: tim stoffel / neverest
abb / neverest
fanta / dir. onur somer / anima istanbil
adoptify / neverest
wenz & mona / dir. roman prochnow / neverest
brillux / dir. roman prochnow / neverest
bethmann bank / neverest
m asam / neverest
flaconi / dir. roman prochnow / neverest
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interliving, markus schmidt, united senses
philips marathon ultimate, onur somer, shortcut istnabul
abb imagefilm, neverest
meridol, oliver julius, filmservice prague
sixt / dir. florian cossen / neverest
wenz, ewald pusch, neverest
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hexal, kronck, neverest
sportscheck, feine filme
hipp, markus gassner, everest
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lascana, neverest
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allianz - locker room, oki films
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allianz - paralympics, oki films
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kukimi, neverest
doc, neverest
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robbi bubbles, ewald pusch, neverest
avivasa, onur somer, shortcut istanbul
yokebe, feine filme, kronck, e+p commercials munich
biomax, frank nesemann, action film moscow
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navabi, neverest munich
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ciuc beer, frank nesemann, reload film bucharest
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mini r60 (2 films), skidoo, gap films munich
durex xmas calendar, maik schmidt, neverest munich
sportscheck, kronck, oki films, munich
taxofit, frank nesemann, r force, munich
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sky, oki films, munich
comfy, kronck, 2332, kiev
zdf - sessellift (station id), ewald pusch, neverest gmbh & co.
aok - yeah yeah, neverest gmbh & co.
sony xperia - go outdoor (pov), neverest gmbh & co.
therme erding - galaxy, maik schmidt, neverest gmbh & co.
rennplatz meran - pure emotion, david pichler, tagraum
dorf tirol, david pichler, tagraum
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swisscom - mister schweiz, kronck, helliventures
swisscom - sprayer, kronck, helliventures
swisscom - downhill, kronck, helliventures
sony ericsson - challenge the fastlane, kronck, helliventures
sony ericsson - challenge the driver, kronck, helliventures
sony ericsson - challenge the greenhouse, kronck, helliventures
sony ericsson - challenge the brilliance, kronck, helliventures
bmw - bmw motorrad christmas, bavaria film interactive
bmw - fullrunner, bavaria film interactive
procter & gamble - pampers dry, christoph deja, bylauterbach
bmw - bmw 1 series m coupé, bavaria film interactive
mcdonald's - bessere idee, hager moss
bmw - bmw performance, bylauterbach
demolition disco - big mama, kronck, ivory productions dop
kunert - my style, philippe klose, bylauterbach
bmw - homework, lisa-marie reich, bavaria film interactive
bmw x1 - x-mas, bavaria film interactive
medion mobile - aldi talk, christoph deja, bylauterbach
toblerone - p.o.v., claas ortmann, wasabi film gmbh &
nürburgring gmbh - der neue…, christoph deka, bylauterbach
bmw - chris pfeiffer rides bmw, daniel philipp, bavaria film interactive
bmw sauber f1 team - nick heidfeld, christoph deja, bylauterbach
sparkasse - mission wunschfilm, philippe klose, jung von matt
bavaria filmtour, bavaria film interactive
bavaria filmtour - stuntman, bavaria film interactive
erdal rex - ratz fatz, tina sczygiel, bavaria film interactive
bmw - bmw s1000rr superbike, bavaria film interactive
thank you third world - koch, kronck, voila film
thank you third world - mess, kronck, voila film
thank you third world - weihnachten, kronck, voila film
ard - dtm '08 deutsche tourenwagen, chritstoph deja, bylauterbach
b&m north sails north windsurfing, yearning communications
go yellow - hero / u-bahn, wasabi film

tv series

terra mater - wildes brasilien (2 episodes)

corporate films

sky, oki films
bmelv - qualität made in germany, christian hibbeler, bavaria film interactive
maybach - jahresfilm 2011, philippe klose, bylauterbach
bmw - bmw und mini reifenfilm, bylauterbach
bmw - bmw i. let´s change, christoph deja, bylauterbach
bmw i - born electric, christoph deja, bylauterbach
itr e.v. - dtm saisontrailer 2011, christoph deja, bylauterbach
bmw - reifenfilm, philippe klose, bylauterbach
audi - mmi film, kropac media gmbh
bmw - bmw snow and ice training,bavaria film interactive
mcdonald's - coop interviews, hager moss
itr e.v. - dtm saisontrailer 2009, bylauterbach
loctite - reliability at work, d-facto motion gmbh
itr e.v. - dtm saisontrailer 2008, christoph deja, bylauterbach
itr e.v. - dtm jahresfilm 2008, christoph deja, bylauterbach
bmw sauber f1 team - portrait, thomas wittmann, bylauterbach
sap ag - himalaya gc 08, tina sczygiel, bavaria film interactive
siemens audiologische technik, bettina eichinger, bavaria film interaktive
gunnebo - safe store auto, wasabi film
sony playstation - parkour (3 films), anja bentzien, eyes wide open gmbh
bmw - the perfect grey, bavaria film interactive
adidas - virtual brand summit, stefan köster, kösters büro für kommunikation
siemens audiologische technik, bettina eichinger bavaria film interactive


faehrmann / nozy films
khaled / nozy films
claire - the next ones to come, kronck, oki films
black country communion - euro tour (dvd), philippe klose, bylauterbach
metallica - fade to black, markus hollmann-loges, blitzen gmbh &
the hives - hate to say i told you so, marks hollmann-loges, blitzen


pantanal, christian baumeister, light & shadow gmbh
jaguar - heimlicher jäger hautnah, christian baumeister, light & shadow gmbh
the incredible guinea pig, herbert ostwald, light & shadow gmbh
amazon alive, christian baumeister, light & shadow gmbh
die laureus sport-dokumentation (reihe), kim rigauer, bylauterbach
arne quinze - fragiles, ole wagner, blitzen gmbh &
laureus sport for good foundation, julia konitzer, bylauterbach

awards luis de maia

mometa hexal - global awards, 2 x gold

thank you 3rd world - audience & jury price / web & mobile - spotlight festival

siemens ag - megatrends 2006, deutscher wirtschaftsfilmpreis, newcomer nominated
abendzeitung - das gesicht dieser stadt, itva - award bronze tv-/kinowerbung - won

ksb ag - faszination ksb, chicago int. filmfest/intercom special achievment cinematography - won


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