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Joao born in the sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

After studying art in Lisbon, he started working in advertising as a designer, his father and mother were art directors for multinational agencies. A few years later started his own company and did a few years of art director and brand design. Few years after Joao found in love with motion picture, and studied cinema and script writing in London, and cinematography in Los Angeles. Joao started his film career as music video director and after a few years he jumped in advertising.

For the last years he is been shooting a long list of commercials for most of the main world’s leading agencies and major brands, for multiple countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America and Asia, winning multiple awards for his skills as director, editor and director of photography.

Joao is a modern director, he is part of a new generation of directors that have a global view and great skills on the entire filmmaking process.

“I believe directing is becoming more and more about managing all the aspects of the filmmaking, it’s great when you understand all the departments and their difficulties, process and team work becomes much easier and enjoyable”.

Joao is known for his easy going and relaxed directing style, yet top notch professional. One of the top aspects of his film making, is always to bring a truthness side to the pictures. A truly emotional storyteller.

“What I really love about filmmaking, is how I can shape visuals to play with audience emotions. Every film has is own language and plasticity, I love to discover and find what best fits the script, that’s what I like about directing, not following a line”.

I’m in love for: Visual Storytelling, Emotional Stories, Real Emotions, Manifestos, Crazy ideas and Crazy people, Anything with Music too.

Joao lives in Lisbon with his family

Filmography Joao Marques

Lidl / (Director)
Superbock / (Director)
Becks / (Director)
Betclic / Director/DOP)
meo / (Director/DOP)
ikea / (Director/DOP)
mateus rosé / (Director/DOP)
betclic euro cup / (Director/DOP)
bank montepio / 78 (Director/DOP)
portug. football federation / 78 (Director/DOP)
EDP Electric/ Partners Lisbon / 78 (Director/DOP)
APOGEE BETCLIC / Funnyhow / 78 (Director/DOP)
BETCLIC Xmas / Funnyhow / 78 (Director/DOP)
MEO Summer / Partners Lisbon / 78 (Director/DOP)
MEO 5 Senses / Partners Lisbon / 78 (Director/DOP)
MEO 5 Rentrée / Partners Lisbon / 78 (Director)
LIMIANO Pillow Fight / VML Y&R / 78 (Director/DOP)
ITHRA / Leo Burnet / Filmworks (Director)
FIFA Thank you / VML Y&R / 78 (Director)
LIDL Cien / Escritorio / (Director)
BETCLIC Epic / Funnyhow / 78 (Director/DOP)
BAVARIA Summer/ BBDO Costa Rica / Magacine (Director/DOP)
CETELEM / KAYAK / Kyoto (Director)
SOLERO /BBDO Lisbon / Kyoto (Director)
CAREEM / IMPACT BBDO Dubai / Clandestino (Director)
ZAIN / MEMAC OGILVY / Clandestino (Director)
CR7 / Partners Lisbon / 78 (Director/DOP)
SAFARICOM Football / SCANAD / Mojo (Director/DOP)
KENYA CANE / FCB / Propeller (Director)
SKIP / FilmBrokers / Molotov (Director)
UNITEL Vamo / Born / Molotov (Director)
FLORA / BBDO / Molotov (Director)
SAGRES / Funny how / 78 (Director)
NESTLE Familia / Leo Burnet / Molotov (Director/DOP)
NESTLE Brothers / Ogilvy / NOT Prod (Director)
CP Trains / Leo Burnet / Molotov (Director/DOP)
MONTEPIO / JWT / Molotov (Director)
SAFARICOM Teacher / SCANAD / Mojo (Director)
SAFARICOM Mother / SCANAD / Mojo (Director)
VISA M-Visa / Network BBDO / Mojo (Director)
BNC / Memac Ogilvy / Filmworks (Director)
PSP Police / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director/DOP)
BETCLIC Clickalovski / Funnyhow / 78 (Director/DOP)
SAFARICOM Connection / SCANAD / Mojo (Director)
UNITEL Independency / Born / Molotov (Director)
EUROBEST Caught / BBDO / Molotov (Director)
ALLIANZ / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
ANA / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
FULA / SUMO / Molotov (Director)
LIPTON / Funnyhow / Molotov (Director)
CANADANDO / Born / Molotov (Director)
KERO / Boost / Molotov (Director)
CASAL GARCIA / OPAL / Molotov (Director)
UNITEL / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
UNITEL Sun / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
BIC / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
SUPERBOCK Summer / STRAT / Molotov (Director)
O Boticário / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
UNITEL Sun / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
KNORR / Lintas / Molotov (Director)
WWF / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
IGLO /Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
PEPSI / Ogilvy / Molotov (Director)
LOGO Cao / Brandia / Tangerina Azul (Director)
IPJ / Brandia / Tangerina Azul (Director)

Awards Joao Marques

ADC Europe, 2023
bronze- best director, best cinematography (Joao Marques) and
best editing (Joao Marques)
Betclic - "Odds"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2022
gold - best director
silver - best cinematography (Joao Marques)
Betclic - "Odds"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2022
gold - best cinematography (Leandro Ferrao)
silver - best edit (Joao Marques)
Betclic - " Basket"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2021
bronze - best director
silver - best original music
Betclic - "Anda Bater"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2021
bronze - best director
bronze - best cinematography
silver - best adapted music
Betclic - "Nunca Percas una boa Aposta"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2021
bronze - best edit
bronze - best original music
silver - sound design
silver - art direction
Ikea - "Noiserv"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2021
silver - best edit
gold - best adapted music
FPF - "Vamos con Tudo"

CCP, Creative Club Portugal 2021
silver - best VFX
Betclic - "Apogee"

ADCE Festival of Festivals 2020
Bronze Best Direction & Cinematography
Betclic - Epic always wins

Meios e Pub 2020
Grand Prix
Betclic - Epic always wins

Meios e Pub 2020
Gold Best Direction
Betclic - Epic always wins

Meios e Pub 2020
Silver Best Cinematography
CR7 - Perfecionist

CCP Festival 2020
Bronze Best Direction
Betclic - Epic always wins

CCP Festival 2020
Siver Best Cinematography
MEO - 5 Sences
CR7 - Perfecionist

CCP Festival 2019
Silver Best Film
Betclic - Russia


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