Augusto de Fraga


Augusto was born in the Azores Islands.
He studied in New York and currently divides his time between Los Angeles and Barcelona.
He is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

Since as long as he can remember he’s been in love with images, first stills and then moving pictures.
‘If you want to take good pictures you have to leave home’.
So that's what he did.

Augusto de Fraga

selection of work


lays, prod: grayskull, barcelona
lipton, prod: little minx, usa
mercedes gle coupé, prod: e+p films, Hamburg
vodafone natal, prod: krypton, lisbon
lidl natal, prod: krypton, lisbon
spv, prod: krypton, lisbon
amadori, prod: filmaster, milano
flora butter, prod: represent film, hamburg
AAA, prod: mathematics, canada
coke summer, prod: animal factory, china
mcDonalds "toalhas", prod: krypton, lisbon
exedrin, prod: little minx, usa
branko musicvideo "here from you", prod: krypton, lisbon
one soccer, prod: mathematics, canada
aaa, prod: mathematics, canada
sagres verao, prod: krypton, lisbon
abanca bank, prod: krypton, lisbon
apple/vodafone "dragon", prod: akita films, milano
coke china "food & meal", prod: modgroup, china
sagres "unbelieveable, prod: krypton, lisbon
placard, prod: krypton, lisbon
belvita, prod: satellite my love, paris
kelloggs vector, prod: mathematics, canada
mcDonalds "american", prod: krypton, lisbon
Dr. oetker "intermezzo, prod: e+p films, hamburg
deli fresh, prod: little minx, usa
beko, prod: grayskull, barcelona
agif, prod: krypton, lisbon


mcDonalds xmas, prod: krypton, lisbon
huawei "fire", prod: maya productions, China
nivea men cream, prod: wanda germany, hamburg
vodafone natal, prod: krypton, lisbon
vodafone gigapass italy, prod: akita films, milano
licor beirao, prod: krypton, lisbon
vodafone (2films), prod: akita films, milano
schwartz ducros, prod: satellite my love, paris
McDonalds "perfect burger", prod: krypton, lisbon
lidl, greece
walgreens, prod: little minx, usa
wind "the chase", prod: filmiki, greece
CUF descobertas, prod: krypton, lisbon
foie gras, prod: Satellite my love, paris
McDonalds "smokehouse burger", prod: little minx, usa
cepsa, prod: grayskull, barcelona
vodafone "stepmother", prod: krypton, lisbon
agres mundial, prod: krypton, lisbon
Aaa, prod: mathematics, canada
nokia X6, prod: carrot film, China
pame, prod: filmiki, grecce
nivea men 2018 "game of life", prod: satellite my love, paris
nivea deo men, prod: think cattleya, madrid
luso, prod: krypton, lisbon
asics, prod: little minx,
vivo, shanghai
continente, prod: krypton, lisbon


vodafone, prod: krypton, lisbon
american tourister, prod: grayskull, spain
vodafone, prod: krypton, lisbon
beko, prod: grayskull, spain
william hill, prod: cartello, budapest
sagres verao, prod: krypton, lisbon
mc donalds "america", prod: krypton, lisbon
bitburger "bar", prod: bakery films, germany
wind, prod: filmiki, greece
sagres, prod: krypton, lisbon
lays "bake is great", prod: grayskull, barcelona 
mc donalds "breakfast", prod: krypton, lisbon
adagio skyr, prod: krypton, lisbon
mc donalds "stop time", prod: krypton, lisbon
coca cola "summer", prod: animal factory, china
nivea "shave as u like", prod: think! cattleya, milano
placard "hockey", "rugby", "handball", prod: krypton, lisbon
mc donalds "balls", prod: krypton, lisbon
samsung "add wash", prod: little minx, usa
panda express "number 5", prod: little minx, usa


vodafone, prod: krypton, lisbon
coca cola, prod: cases film, china
codorniu, prod: grayskull, barcelona
placard lottery
continente, prod: krypton, lisbon
sagres, prod: krypton, lisbon
nos, prod: krypton, lisbon


nivea man, prod: think! cattleya, italy
powerade, prod: the maestros
coca cola, prod: cases film, china
nivea man, prod: satellite, paris
gerolsteiner, prod: bakery, hamburg
vodafone, prod: krypton, lisbon
allianz, prod: oki, turky
vodafone, prod: krypton, lisbon
bitburger, prod: tempomedia, hamburg
nos robot, prod: krypton, lisbon
nivea, prod: think! cattleya, italy


cacaolat, prod: sleepers, spain
continente xmas, prod: krypton, lisbon
nos, prod: krypton, lisbon
neutrogena, prod: sleepers, barcelona
bcp bank, prod: krypton, lisbon
nivea men, prod: think cattleya, italy
continente, prod: krypton, lisbon
nescafe, prod: sleepers, spain
adidas - 4 films, prod: sleepers, spain
nivea men france, prod: satellite, paris
nivea men, prod: think cattleya, milano
optimus, prod: krypton, lisbon
sagres beer, prod: krypton film, lisbon
luso tea, prod: krypton film, portugal, agency: draft fcb, lisbon
maggi, prod: garage films, spain
bitburger beer, prod: tempomedia, berlin
nivea men deo - saint german, prod: satellite, paris
nivea men shower gel, prod: garage filme, spain


bitburger, prod: tempomedia, berlin
decathlon - bike
caixa geral de depositos
happy mess - morning
nissan sentra - changes
nivea men deo - stress protect with real madrid
nivea men - recharge
optimus - flame
optimus - salvador
playstation - moto gp
sagres - world


agua das pedras - dive - daniela ruah
bcp morinho - portuguese
banco espirito santo - christiano ronaldo
dewars - villa
edp ilumina
untiel - chase
unitel - helicopter
unitel - marathon



bes - ronaldo fans
edp hidricas
edp - life
estrella damm - bar
estrella damm - barca
estrella damm - kansas
estrella damm - our things
mc donalds - villa
santa - casa
until - new years eve.
yah - click

2008 - 2010

estrella damm
otimus - navegar
tmn diadopai
cgd mariza
continental - football
edp - visionary
nike - spanish
ringo - kaka
sagres - football
sagres - hymn
terra - nostra

before 2008

anuncio incomodo - cockroaches
bohemia - concerto
cacaotal - invasión lowres
country moncho
estrella  damm
animal action
castilla - león
generalitat - orgro
heineken - broche
ministry - culture
nestlé - blues
nike - buraka
nike - match for peace
shady - fusion
sportman - rafa nadal

Augusto de Fraga


2013: chicago int. film festival, sports commercials - gold plaque

Augusto de Fraga

grayskull, spain (excl.)
krypton, portugal (excl.)
little minx, usa (excl.)
Satellite my love, france (excl.)
the maestros, mexico (excl.)
akita, italy (excl.)
mathematics films, canada (excl.)

Augusto de Fraga
Augusto de Fraga