Martines | DIRECTORLidl 2024 (DC)
Martines | DIRECTOR
Lidl 2024 (DC)

Lidl 2024 (DC)


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Bewusste Ernährung



Bad Reichenhaller





Clavinova 2022

Ramazotti Fresco

funny frisch

Chips Cup


Grand BBQ Cheese


Carte D'or


juice bar

Food Compilation 2021


Siemens Coffee

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Air Induction (DC)

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Plant Line

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Day by Day


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7 Days

Magic Bakery



about martines

frank martin schmidt - more widely known by his artis name: martines - was born in germany and spent some of his childhood in new york. since his early days he has two passions. film and sport. the logic consequence, he studied both. journalism and sport.

after a work placement for axel springer verlag, he worked as a freelance journalist for german tv stations like ard, zdf, and as well private televison like rlt and sat1. martin began his career shooting documentaries, where he worked as a cameraman and director.

the experience he has gained throughout his life has enhanced his intuition and sense for catching moments of humanity. this talent which has successfully employed him during his steady career in commercials and advertisements he started 2000.

martines focuses precisely on the essence – the core – of each story he encounters, permitting him to deliver the message within the shortest timeframe.

his films drive their authenticity from his process of constantly juggling inspirational insights with ideas based on everyday life situations. at the same time martines' vision is clearly story-based, humorous, frequently visual and always human.

in addition his work is characterised by an intuitive gift for casting and rhythm, perfectly matching each story he directs.

he loves the close exchange with clients and agencies and is always interested in the product - it´s history, it´s present and it´s future.

filmography martines

epica | production: family film
bad reichenhaller | production: stereo films
kaufland "barbecue" | production: lippertwaterkotte
billa xmas | production: das rund, wien
mcdonald’s | production: marmalade, hamburg
yamaha | hamburg
mcdonald’s „beef“ | production: marmalade, hamburg
ramazotti fresco| production: oki, munich
coaches imagefilm | hamburg
rennie | production bazelevs, moscow
carte d'or | production: panda films, turkey
ramazotti | production: oki, munich
rauch - juice bar | production: mxr, vienna
merkur | production: das rund, vienna
siemens air induction | production: bubbles, berlin
siemens coffee | production: bubbles, berlin
müller - power corner | production: wunderfilm, hamburg
plantline | production: parcfilm
müller chocolat | production: cobblestone, hamburg
edenia pizza | production: sagafilm
abu kass | production: the talkies, beirut
homann | production: wunderfilm, hamburg
la lorraine | production: sagafilm
komo cheese - day by day | production: limelite
maggi - oat soup | production: the talkies
electrolux, productfilms | production: eqal, zurich
electrolux tvcs | production: eqal, zurich
komo - cheese club | production: limelite
migros bread | production: eqal, zurich
maggi "jordan" | production: the talkies | beirut
maggi "mixes" | production: the talkies | beirut
mayskiy tea | toy pictures
komo "tenderness" | production: limelite
maggi - shape | production: the talkies | beirut
hyundai - so different | production: filmservice
komo - cheese mission | production: limelite studio | kiev
maggi - powder buillion | production: the talkies | dubai
feneti | production: top cut | greece
knorr "hoover" | production: stink moscow | russia
dai gia dinh "noodle" | production: fatman films | vietnam
billa "freshy" | production: ppm film | austria
7 days "tsourekaki" | production: topcut mondiano | greece - serbia
medical cases drug eluting stent implantationen | filmab | germany
georgia "the ancient forgotten land" | production: martines | georgia
polimark & raureni | production: mitrafilm | romania
novo passit "splash" | production: artworks | russia
knorr "critics" | production: stink moscow | russia
bimoli "5 senses"| production: fat belly pictures | indonesia
imagefilm georgia | production: commlab - martines | georgia
hyundai skater | production: filmservice | czech republic
zdf "wahl" | production: made in munich | germany
hsbc "kidsv | production: 1st. unit | turkey
danone "camp" | production: atom film | russia
activia "camera" | production: the talkies | lebanon
knorr "eastern rice" & "master class" | production: stink | russia
knorr "burritos & stroganov" | production: stink | russia
danone “saloon & restaurant” | production: atom film | ukraine
knorr barbeque | production: filmservice | argentina
lipton tea | production: eye squad | united arabic emirates
signal zahnpolizei | production: ppm film | austria
ab in den urlaub "ballack" | production: commlab | germany
patros "freunde" | production: markenfilm | germany
barni "the bear" | production: park production | russia
beko "blue line" | production: mme | rumania
hochland "buttermilch" | production: markenfilm | germany
knorr "hot india" | production: paladium | ukraine
nöm "fasten" | production: ppm film | austria
fitaki | production: essehouse | ukraine
knorr "mozart" | production: ppm film | austria
knorr "zimin" | production: bazelev | russia
ab in den urlaub "ballack" | production: commlab | germany
knorr "3 engel" | production: mypony | germany
knorr "tomato al gusto" | production: ppm film | austria
persil "pearls" | production: ppm film | austria
egger bier "schnipp" | production: ppm film | austria
orange mobil "jede minute" | production: ppm film | austria
persil "scan system" | production: ppm film | austria
knorr "alexander hermann" | production: ppm film | austria
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft wolfgang schüssel | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft erwin wurm | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft franz klammer | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft eva lind | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft hellmuth karasek | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft h. zu hohenlohe | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft gerhard berger | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft peter wolff | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft elina garanca | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft a. kirchschlager | production: ppm film
begegnungen hubert neuper trifft stefan ruzowitzki | production: ppm film
knorr "mozart" | production: ppm film | austria
hansemerkur "jasmin schornberg"| production: bakery | germany
zdf "wahlwatching"| production: made in munich | germany
roshen | production: radioactive | ukraine
allmette "sehr gut" | production: markenfilm | germany
unicredit "grow" | production: mme | rumania
vitamill "girls" | production: mme | rumania
omo "small but strong"| production: 1st unit | turkey
verida bank "masks" | production: mme | rumania
fiat "fuel price" | production: neue sentimental | germany
victoria "handsignal" | production: markenfilm | germany
beko "blue line" | production: mme | rumania
danone "nutry day" | production: mme | rumania
merkur "anonym" | production: ppm film | austria
naturblutbank "baby"| production: house of packshots | germany
telekom aon "tv" | production: ppm film | austria
telekom aon "easy" | production: ppm film | austria
telekom aon "flat bonus" | production: ppm film | austria
telekom aon "super 10" | production: ppm film | austria
telekom aon "alarmservice" | production: ppm film | austria
telekom aon "speed" | production: ppm film | austria
samsung | production: gulliver | ukraine
fol epi production: bakery | south africa
telegate | production: markenfilm | germany
adac | production: hagermoss | germany
bebe "biscuit" | production: filmservice | czech republic
mitsubishi colt "nena" | production: gehrisch & kraack | spain
win2day | production: neue sentimental | austria
allianz | production: filmservice | czech republic
nestle | production: radioactive | ukraine
kia "politesse" | production: bakery | germany
aspirin | production: soup | germany
becks "draft system" | production: soup | spain
martini "esther schweins" | production: soup | germany
postbank "neustart" | production: e+p | germany
skoda "rollenspiel" | production: soup | germany
thyssen krupp | production: e+p | germany - spain
opel combo | production: e+p | spain
journal für die frau | production: sterntag | germany
ard klassenlotterie | production: sterntag | czech republic
fixies | production: hochkant | germany
otto versand "bis morgen" | production: sterntag | germany
funny frisch | production: hochkant | germany
era "sring" | production: iti | poland
mercedes benz | production: hochkant | south africa
ard klassenlotterie | production: sterntag | poland
galaria kaufhof | production: sterntag | germany
era "mobil" | production: iti | poland
versicherungskammer bayern | production: die sterne | spain
bitburger | production: sterntag | south africa
caillers | production: hochkant | portugal
mcdonald´s "hochzeit" | production: cobblestone | spain
mcdonald´s "happy" | production: cobblestone | hungaria
sport bild "fußball formel 1" | production: t. petersen | germany
deutsche bahn "basketball" | production: t. petersen | germany
deutsche telekom | production: t. petersen | germany
dm magazin "reich"| production: t. petersen | germany
burger king "tracker" | production: t. petersen | germany
burger king "napoli" | production: t. petersen | germany
anti svet "star" | production: t. petersen | germany
studentische telefon seelsorge | production: t. petersen | germany
hamburgische immobilienfond | production: glassfilm | germany
albingia | production: cobblestone | germany

awards martines

effi 2011 | knorr zimin campagin
silver @ itva festival image campagne for mercedes benz "viano"
silver @ cannes finalist for new directors award „studentische seelsorge“
3.rd place @ new york festival cosmetics „ anti svet“
bronze „deutsche bahn“ @ adc germany

partner Martines


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