Daniel KB Schmidt


Daniel K.B. Schmidt has been working as a commercial director and photographer since 2008. He is based in Hamburg but loves to travel. Originally he meant to become a palaeontologist, but after sneaking into Jurassic Park he saw how films have the power to make dinosaurs come to life. He then decided that he liked that better than just digging them out.

Daniel studied sinology and film under teachers such as Wim Wenders and Fatih Akin.

He has yet to make a film with dinosaurs.

Daniel lives in hamburg and speaks english, german and some chinese.



Daniel KB Schmidt

filmography: (selected work)

volkswagen | id moments, markenfilm crossing
devk | das sprechende parkhaus, abelone films
kalkhoff bikes | what moves up, mädchenfilm
mercedes benz | yes A.I. do, it´s us media
urban sports club | tvc, sirensrock
car2go | clubbing, Markenfilm crossing
Whomadewho | goodbye to all I know, Mädchenfilm
jimdo | 2018 campaign, mädchenfilm
stage | doorman, mädchenfilm
mercedes benz | lab 1886, mädchenfilm
campari | negroni, mädchenfilm
mitsubishi | phev, irresistible
huk coburg, blickkraft
labello | kiss more, mädchenfilm
jungheinrich / too much energy, markenfilm crossing
steinway & sons | arabesque, markenfilm crossing
lka | mein einbruch, markenfilm crossing
haspa | meine bank heisst..., mädchenfilm
smart | guess the car, markenfilm crossing
volkswagen | the streets sound different, markenfilm crossing
oryza | ashoka - a kitchen portrait
volkswagen | sprayer, markenfilm crossing
Audi | audi city, markenfilm crossing
hyundai, markenfilm crossing

Daniel KB Schmidt

AWARDS (selection)

Grand Prix, Gold, 2x silver and bronce @Cannes (mercedes invisible drive)
Silver and bronce @Cannes (mercedes | key to viano)

gold @ADC New York (mercedes invisible drive)
gold @ADC Europe (mercedes invisible drive)

silver & 2x bronce @Clio (mercedes invisible drive)
bronce @clio (mercedes | key to viano)

gold & 2x silver @New york festival (mercedes invisible drive)

silver @The One show (mercedes invisible drive)
bronce & gold @ the one show  (mercedes | key to viano)

silver, bronce @ADC Germany (mercedes invisible drive)
silver, bronce @ADC Germany (mercedes | key to viano)

Daniel KB Schmidt
Daniel KB Schmidt