Ralph Loop

ralph loop, born on the 4th of February 1967, lives in hamburg. he was always interested in making movies and already began in elementary school. as a result, his career features all facets of the job (from lighting to 1st ad), which enable him to gain a comprehensive insight into all aspects of movie making. ralph loop is enthusiastically working as a director since 1991. his strength is in the area of concept design. his experience and extremely friendly appearance allow him to realize the demands of the clients in a production-oriented manner while maintaining his creativity. apart from his native german language, he is fluent in english and has basic knowledge of the russian language.



2005 - „MPC - Schiffsbeteiligungen“ Client: MPC  Intermedia Globe GOLD - World Media Festival
2006 - „MPC Reefer Fleet“ Client MPC ITVA Silver Award 2006
2007 - „RETURN ON IDEAS“ Client: König & Cie. Award of Master - 19th Corporate of Media Festival 2007
2008 - „MPC - Deepsea Oil Explorer“ Client: MPC ITVA Silver Award 2008
2008 - „Bankhaus Wölbern“ ITVA Silva Award 2008
2013 - „100 YEARS HSVA“ Client: Hamburgische Schiffsbau Versuchsanstalt Silver Award CANNES Cor-porate Media&TV Awards 2013
2016 - „Deutschland. DEIN TAG“ Client: ARD Sonderpreis
Crossmedia Program Innovation Award - NORDMEDIA


Ralph Loop
Ralph Loop
Ralph Loop