Slava Melnyk | DIRECTOR-DOPGra Z Vognem
Slava Melnyk | DIRECTOR-DOP
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Slava Melnyk an Ukrainian director who was forced to leave his native country because of the war.
He moved to Italy with his wife and and their little daughter.
Slava works in the film industry for 15 years as director and director/dop, and tabletop director.
He likes to shoot in different genres - comedy, lifestyle, action, documentary. In the last year, he has strengthened the art component of his work, as he began to work in a creative duo with his wife, Anna, who is in charge of art direction and set design. They like to work in different styles - from minimalism to concept art. At the same time, they always focus on the main thing. In all works Slava tries to do something extraordinary, so he has experience with motion controllers like Bolt, Kuka, Milo.
For the last 5 years, he has been especially interested in tabletop shooting. He works in two directions, on the table and in the air. He likes to shoot simple things in an unusual way, to add some strangeness to them. He loves slow motion, it allows you to show the action as it will never catch the eye, and this is what captivates the shots, he thinks. In this regard he really likes to do complex tricks with sfx. Why not make a waterfall or a whirlpool of juice, and spices, why not meet them in flight with the product. Thanks to the great experience of the game and table-top part he manage to combine them in a cool and unexpected way in his work.
He says: "Let's have fun together, I'll show you how the world might look from a different angle"


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