Paulo Ares


My name is Paulo Ares I was born in 1969 in Portugal/ Lisbon.
i am a cinematographer since 1995 when finish my graduation on the film school of Lisbon.

Quite early i got the chance to work as Dir. of photography in several short and documentary film projects.
since1997 i started permanently extended my cinematographic work on tv commercials and Features films, first in Europe, soon i started to work worldwide with the most important advertising agencies and film production companies.

after more of 20 years of experience in cinematography I still keep adapt to all kinds of aesthetic languages and visuals, spread around the world from Europe, South America, India, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
still being motivated by the thrill of shooting and telling stories, create emotions trough the aesthetic of images, like Federico Fellini said :
“ Talking about dreams is like talking about movies, since the cinema uses the language of dreams; years can pass in a second and you can hop from one place to another. It’s a language made of image. And in the real cinema, every object and every light means something, as in a dream.”

paulo lives in germany right now. he speaks native portuguese, spanish, english and french.

Paulo Ares


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film (feature | short | tv | documentaries)

youth ambassadors - 2013, docu, dir: pierre dawalibi
al sarab (mirage) - 2012, short, drama, dir: maryam fouhuri
the intruders! - 2011, short, mystery / sci-fi, dir: majod al ansari
sea shadow - 2011, feature, drama, dir: nawaf al-janahi
the man who sold the world -2009, feature, drama, dir: imad noury, sewel noury
el justiciero - 2009, shot, drama, dir: tiago sousa
entre os dedos (between fingers) - 2008, feature, drama, dir: tiago guedes, frederico serra
diese nacht (nuit de chien) - 2008, feature, drama, dir: werner schroeter
paisagem urbana com rapariga e avião - 2008, short, drama, dir: joao figueiras
uprise - 2007, feature, drama, dir: sandro aguilar
arquivo - 2007, short, drama, dir: sandro aguilar
gott mochte nicht - 2007, feature, romance, dir: antonio ferreira
body rice - 2006, feature, drama
heaven´s doors - 2005, feature, drama, dir: imad noury, swel noury
elle est diabetique et hypertendue at elle refuse toujours de crever - 2005, feature, comedy, dir: hakim nouri
a olhar para  cima (looking up) - 2003, short, drama, dir: joao figeiras
blessures - 2003, short, drama, dir: margarida leitao
paraiso filmes -2002-2003, tv series, comedy, dir: carlos barreto
os dias antes - 2002, short, drama, dir: carlos braga
corpo e meio (half body) - 2003, short, drama, dir: sandro aguilar
as tercas da bailarina gorda - 2000, short, drama, dir: jeanne waltz
sem movimento (motionless)  2000, short, drama, dir: sandro aguilar
a d uplo viagem - 2000, short, drama, dir: teresa garcia
anjo negro (black angel) - 1999, short, drama, dir: carlos braga
almeida garrett - 2000, feature, tv drama, dir: francisco manso
o que fou? (whats up) - 1999, short, drama, dir: ivo ferreira
borders - 1999, short, drama, dir: joao carrilho
bolero - 1998, short, drama, dir: pedro sena nunes
estou perto (close) - 1997, short, drama, dir: sandro aguilar
margens - 1995, documentary, dir: pedro sena nunes
vencer a sombra (beat the shadow)- 1995, documentary, dir: paulo ares + pedromadeira

Paulo Ares


2007 Mexico city int. film festival:  "Body Rice" Best film
2007 Buenos Aires int. film festival: "Body Rice",  Best Film
2006 Selected for the int. Camera Image,for best cinematography for the film:
"Heavens door"
2006 best cinematography Bucharest int. film festival: "Heavens door"
2006 Locarno film festival:“Body Rice “best film special mention award?
2007 best cinematography int. Ceara. film festival Brazil: "Body rice"
1997 Portuguese D.o.p. Select  for represent European Imago with "close"

Best cinematography/Kodak’s prize international Vila do Conde film festival:
1997 "Close"
1999 "Black Angel"
2003 "olhar para cima"

Paulo Ares
Paulo Ares