Benjamin Thomas | DOPRonnie's - Trailer
Benjamin Thomas | DOP
Ronnie's - Trailer





Meerkat Meals


Dare the unknown




Zara Larsson


The Moment



Lidl France



Big Rösti






Rainiest Place on Earth

Go Euro


Sweaty Betty



Horse drawn Horse


Denim Lovers


Earth Hour

about benjamin thomas

benjamin thomas is a london based director of photography, with a honed observational eye, proficient in all digital and film formats.
ben has worked on studio dramas, feature films, documentaries, feature documentaries, and has a portfolio of commercial work for brands including:
adidas, nike, nokia, lidl and mcdonald’s.

he is an alumni of the london film school and central saint martin’s college of art and design. passionate about shoulder mounted film-making, ben connects with his subjects in a creative, spontaneous and immediate way. he also loves working with gimbals, grips and steadicam operators.

through years of close collaboration, he has created short hand with his expert lighting and camera teams, to achieve his natural look in a free-flowing way, maximizing the potential of every shoot day. he uses daylight and available light to full effect, to keep momentum going and energy high.

when not behind a camera, his passions include scuba diving (he is an advanced diver and enjoys filming with a scubacam whenever the opportunity presents itself), playing squash, table tennis, watching formula 1 and fishing with his dad.

benjamin speaks english and a little french.

filmography benjamin thomas

tv commercials:

‘big bang unico golf with dustin johnson’ (hublot) – james moore, make films

‘the giordano family - vongole’ (iceland) – ollie murray, kream

‘the giordano family - steak’ (iceland) – ollie murray, kream

‘belong anywhere’ (airbnb) – elisha smith-leverock, markenfilm hamburg gmbh

‘even santa needs a holiday’ (go euro) – elisha smith-leverock, markenfilm berlin gmbh

‘£2 means...’ (cancer research uk) – sam rowland, indy8

‘toffifee junge märkte’ (toffifee) – will van der vlugt, blmfilm

‘mum and baby’ (boots ireland) – rohan blair-mangat, iconoclast

‘the moment we met iceland’ (iceland) – ollie murray, kream

‘i am team gb’ (national lottery) – mike baldwin, itn

‘own business day’ (metro) – stuart charles douglas, blmfilm

‘happy streichzart’ (arla kaergarden) – christiane brunner-schwer, blmfilm

‘earth hour 2016’(sky) – bradley reiman, sky

‘numbers’ (diet chef) – jon stevens, greenroom films

‘match day’ (bwin) – rohan blair-mangat, stink

‘wilde küche’ (mcdonald’s) – elisha smith-leverock, tempomedia

‘lidl: france’ (lidl) – elisha smith-leverock, jo!schmid

‘lidl: 300’ (lidl) – elisha smith-leverock, jo!schmid

‘shopping with mum’ (this is edinburgh) – rohan blair-mangat, greenroom films

‘day out with dad’ (this is edinburgh) – rohan blair-mangat

‘the northern belle: a day like no other’ (orient express) – jon stanford

‘perfect moment’ (luna milk) – nick losse and steve dalton, not to scale

‘a word to the wise’ (tk maxx, 2nd unit dop) – rohan blair-mangat, stink

‘new fiat 500l’ (fiat, 2nd unit dop) – steve scott, not to scale

‘rexona: do dance’ (sure) – rohan blair-mangat, stink

‘we want piers bramhall’ (visit wales) – luke taylor, big balls films

‘sara kempe: let me fly’ (virgin records) – louis ellison, emi


‘living well together’ (bosch) – johny mourgue, spindle

‘dare the unknown’ (palladium) – vivek vadoliya, protein

‘more for you’ (o2) – mike baldwin, habana creative

‘represent’ (nhs give blood) – rohan blair-mangat, iconoclast

‘sony mdr-1000x’ (sony) – cass burcher, habana

‘travel back’ (airbnb) – elisha smith-leverock, markenfilm crossing

‘future generations’ (avon) – poppy de villeneuve, partizan

‘#wecount’ (women’s equality party) – lucy luscombe, caviar

‘english language oracy’ (bbc bitesize wales) – george lewison, somethin’ else

‘louis meets drogba/bean to bar’ (kit kat/nestlé) – ollie mullay, my accomplice

‘magical mystery christmas tour’ (m&s) – giorgio bruni, stink

‘beyond the game’ (enterprise) – poppy de villeneuve, partizan

‘darkstar: the days burn blue’ (random acts) – lucy luscombe, caviar

‘a return to l’isola di sleepy jones‘ (sleepy jones) – oscar boyson, oh boy

‘atomic bomb: william onyeabor’ – oscar boyson, canvas

‘a french story’ (hyatt) – poppy de villeneuve, partizan

‘horse drawn horse’ (gwr) – jon stanford

‘when i see you, i see me’ (adidas) – rohan blair-mangat, stink

‘female athletes – fatma al nabhani’ (nike i-d) – poppy de villeneuve, partizan

‘clean & clear: i see the real you’ – clare cassidy, little dot studios

‘eurofan: chelsea v galatasaray’ (copa 90) – luke taylor, big balls films

‘itunes festival 2013: lady gaga’ (apple) – davi russo, radical media

‘tui holidays: sharm el-sheikh’(thompson) – gavin rowe, big balls films

‘destination christmas’ (selfridges) – laurie lynch, rokkit

‘battle of the balls’ (lucozade sport) – chris reed, big balls films

‘breaking bad viral’ (sony entertainment) – lyle lindgren

‘ritz madrid’ (orient express) – jon stanford

‘#denimlovers’ (selfridges) – rohan blair-mangat, rokkit

‘shangaan electro’ (dazed & confused) – rohan blair-mangat

‘spyker c8 aileron’ (mr porter) – rohan blair-mangat, giant film & tv

‘slowear: incotex’ (mr porter) – aaron christian

‘mercedes-benz fashion week istanbul’ (dazed & confused) – rohan blair-mangat

‘google baby’ (google) – nathan prince and oliver davies, not to scale

‘watch and learn’ (lucozade) – adam gendle, big balls films

‘crumbs’ season 1 & 2 – lewis georgeson, all3media

‘amphibiox: cherrapunjee, the rainiest place on earth’ (geox) – rohan blair-mangat, stink digital
**winner of silver lion for ‘photography’ at cannes lions 2013**

‘marble punch’ (kenzo) – carl burgess and thomas traum

‘the shake squad’ yazoo virals – gav rowe, big balls films

‘meet kenneth’ (kenco) – gav rowe, big balls films, (2nd unit dop)

‘team samsung’ (samsung) – pedro de la fuente, big balls films

‘emeli sandé: her version of events’ – louis ellison, emi

‘nivea: great football experiment’ (complete campaign) – sam rowland, big balls films

‘lumia amazings: berlin’ (nokia) – gav rowe, big balls films

‘true power’ (playstation/tom clancy’s end war) – karell van bellingen

‘stop acting’ (bench) – pedro de la fuente, big balls films

‘own the game’ (adidas) – rohan blair-mangat, big balls films

feature films:

‘the boombox project’ – rohan blair-mangat, 2017, colour, digital (red dragon)

‘halfway’ – ben caird, 2016, colour, digital (arri amira)
**nominated for ‘discovery award’ at british independent film awards 2017**

‘long forgotten fields’ – jon stanford, 2016, colour, digital (arri alexa)
**nominated for ‘best uk feature’ at raindance film festival 2016**

music promos:

‘mind’, mark doe - omar blair-mangat, rocket entertainment

‘angels on my side’, rick astley – mike baldwin, rolling bear, 2016

‘green light’, mista silva – hakatan, banana stand, 2014

‘dibby dibby sound’, dj fresh vs jay fay feat. ms dynamite – the sacred egg, riff raff films, 2013

‘you and me’, disclosure feat. eliza dolittle – luke monaghan, rokkit, 2013

‘wild things’, mali michael – yoni lappin, rokkit, 2013

‘close’, will saul – nathan prince and oliver davies, silent studios, 2013

‘glass heart tour visuals’, leona lewis – judy jacob, 2013

‘can you hear me?’, wiley feat. skepta, jme & ms d – rohan blair-mangat, rokkit, 2012

‘shot you down’, florrie – tom gallon, rokkit, 2012

‘heatwave’, wiley feat. ms d - rohan blair-mangat, rokkit, 2012

‘first of my kind’, miles kane – tom gallon, rokkit, 2012

‘feeling it baby’, sean paul ft. segarra & erick morillo – george tsioutsias, subliminal records, 2012

‘ill manors’, plan b (2nd unit dop) – yann demange, stink, 2012

‘emeli sandé: live at air edel studios’ – louis ellison, emi, 2012

‘morning parade: live sessions’ – louis ellison, emi, 2012

‘overjoyed’(acoustic), bastille – louis ellison, emi, 2012

‘better than a bmx’, hervé – rohan blair-mangat, rokkit, 2012

‘if this aint love’, erick morillo & eddie thoneick feat. skin – george tsioutsias, téar, 2011


‘shadow walker’ – simran sidhu, 2012, colour, super 16 (arriflex sr3)

‘farmhand’ – ben caird, 2012, dslr (canon 5dii)
**winner of ‘best cinematography’ award at downtown los angeles film festival 2013**

‘saturday’ – david anderson, 2011, colour, digital (arri alexa)

‘flower’ – rohan blair-mangat, 2010, dslr (canon 5dii)

‘henry potter’ – lou yue, 2010, colour 35mm (panaflex gold)

‘lingering’ – anand madabushi, 2009, colour 16mm (aarton xtr prod)

awards benjamin thomas

campaign: ‘amphibiox: cherrapunjee, the rainiest place on earth’ (geox) – rohan blair-mangat, stink digital, 2012
**winner of silver lion for ‘photography’ at cannes lions 2013**

‘farmhand’ – ben caird, 2012, dslr (canon 5dii)
**winner of ‘best cinematography’ award at downtown los angeles film festival 2013**


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