Michael Reissinger | DIRECTORAnimonda Carny
Michael Reissinger | DIRECTOR
Animonda Carny

Animonda Carny


Home of Happiness










Schrei der Bäume (shortfilm)






No Jobs For Cocks

Fricke Korn



Let's F*** it up


Ensemble Resonanz

Into The Unknown

Rügenwalder Mühle

Ode An Den Einkaufszettel


Small Town Boy

Deutsche Bank


Joghurt Schnitte





Schädel, Globus, Bike

Tic Tac

Orange World



Galaxy S6



Tic Tac

Festival of Mint


Colourful Driving




Klasse Daten


Mercedes Benz

Concept A-Class


Nature of Sound


European Diaries


The Best Or Nothing

ADC Festival

Achtung Ideen

MTV Switch


Zivileren Kruis

VW Phaeton


Marketing Reality




Ten Little Vehicles

about michael reissinger

a man of many talents, happy to work in all sorts of mediums within the animation world, from 2d to 3d to cinema 4d michael has the unique ability to deliver brilliant creative direction for clients and brands alike.

in 2006 after 15 years working on the agency-side michael decided to move from creative director to animation and motion director.

in 2007 he was honored as one of the young directors of the year at the cannes lions. following this early success he was selected for shots and the german saatchi & saatchi new directors reel. michael’s awards include d&ad, the german art directors club, red dot, new york festival, effie, eurobest, epica and the one show.

with his own team of animators and illustrators at motion design studio pixelbutik in hamburg and deli pictures hamburg, michael has created diverse commercials and corporate films for mercedes benz, mtv, mcdonalds or vauxhall to name a few.

shots magazine had this to say about michael’s unique style of animation: “michael’s work is both vibrant and charming, he creates his own little digital wonderlands using a mix of cut-&-paste and elegant computer animation, all rolled in with a little modern hint of nostalgia.“

having established deli`s design label pixelbutik in 2009, michael is now on to focus his work on conception, design and directing. as our price winning visual director michael realised several projects for opel vauxhall, mcdonald, mtv, mercedes, lufthansa etc.. he always manages to breathe his special style of modern motion design and old fashioned cut & paste into his projects. we love his irresistibly dreamlike wonderlands, perfectly charming and popping.
his company is specialised in conception, design and visualization of innovative motion graphic projects and other digital generated sujets:
whether commercials, virals, on-air-designs, opening-titels or corporate films.

michael is based in hamburg.

filmography michael reissinger

dein handy, production: wunderfilm, agency: brandtouch
hilcona nudeln, production/agency: blood advertising
panasonic, production/agency: llr
navigon, production: deli pictures
grundig, agency: jung von matt
käfer, agency: bernstein
kle bank, production: deli pictures
radiozentrale, production: deli creative collective
ifolor, agency: walker ag
joghurt schnitte, production: czar film, agency: m&c saatchi
deutsche bank, production: pixelbutik, agency: haves worldwide
ensemble resonanz, production: pixelbutik, agency: rocket & wink
rügenwalder mühle, production: pixelbutik, agency: musiol
stadtwerkzeug.de, production: deli pictures, agency: butter
tictac - festival of mint, tvc, production: deliy & gravity, agency: heimat berlin
telekom - netzwerkoffensive, production: hafengold, agency: tribal ddb hamburg
short: the eggxorcist, production: pixelbutik
stadtwerke düsseldorf - stadtwerkzeug, production: impossible films, agency: butter düsseldorf
anna wilhelmi fashion trailer - go rags go
short valise de viande; production: pixelbutik
weight wathers - steffi jones, production: wanda, agency: heimat berlin
weight wathers - oliver kahn, production: wanda, agency: heimat berlin
weight wathers - nina vorbroft production: wanda, agency: heimat berlin
weight watchers - schäfer, kahn, göpel - commercial - production: silbersee, agency: mc cann, düsseldorf
mc kinsey - corporate film - agency: heimat, berlin
mercedes benz - aqualizer, music video, agency: jung von matt, hamburg
audi ksu - klasse daten, infomercial, production: wolff brothers
vaillant - warum? cinema commercial, agency: kempertrautmann
lufthansa - european diaries, cinema commercial, agency: mccann
weightwatchers - bärbel schäfer, commercial, production: silbersee
weightwatchers - andrea göpel, commercial, production: silbersee
weightwatchers - gerlinde jänicke, commercial, production: silbersee
weightwatchers - tim raue, commercial, production: silbersee
europa versicherung - adler, commercial, agency: saatchi & saatchi
mckinsey - pinselstrich, corporate film, agency: heimat berlin
hirzl - we believe in glove, corporate-film, company: hirzl golf gloves, zürich
schauspielhaus hamburg - in der kritik, commercial, agency: leagas, delaney hh
adc festival 2011 - achtung ideen, virals, corporate- & event-trailer, agency: lukas, lindemann, rosinski
lamborghini galardo - bicolore, showtrailer, agency: philip & keuntje
compo - mein garten, commercial, agency: kolle,rebbe
expert - 50 jahre expert, corporate-film, ageny: feeling hamburg
financial times deutschland - fragen, corporate-film, agency: knsk

2010 - 2006:

tic tac chill - apple breeze, commercial, agency: heimat, berlin
tic tac chill - paradise mint, commercial, agency: heimat, berlin
zilveren kruis - healthcare map, commercial, production: rokkit, london
zilveren kruis - diabetis book, commercial, production: rokkit, london
jägermeister - hausbesuch, promotion trailer, agency: phillp und keuntje
mydeer - sei bereit, corporate trailer, agency: my deer
philip morrris international - smart idea, visual essay, agency: hello, munich
parship - liebesdiagramme, layoutspot, agency: lukaslindemannrosinski
gm opel/vauxhall - full color driving, commercial, agency: dlkw london
germania - in motion, commercial, agency: gudellabarche
sennheiser - the essenece of sound, commercial, agency: tribal ddb
grazia - this is grazia, commercial, agency: weigertpirouzwolf
mercedes benz - dr. nizzola, visual essay, agency: jung von matt, alster
mercedes benz - dr. breuer, visual essay, agency: jung von matt, alster
mercedes benz - dr. fehring, visual essay, agency: jung von matt, alster
mercedes benz - prof. wagener, visual essay, agency: jung von matt, alster
mcdonalds - collection glasses, commercial, production: rokkit, london
ferrero - blau, commercial, agency: m&c saatchi, production: czar film
broadway fashion - love, peace & tolerance, commercial, agency: legasdelaney
elmex anticaries - dot, agency: y&r frankfurt
heinemann - the heineman, corporate film, agency: grimm gallun holtappels
fdp - bloated, viral, agency: weigertpirouzwolf
entega - vision corporate film, agency: ddb berlin
zilveren kruis - lekker fit, commercial, agency: ddb amsterdam
zilveren kruis - quality standards, commercial, agency: ddb amsterdam
zilveren kruis - collaboration commercial, agency: ddb amsterdam
zilveren kruis - near by, commercial, agency: ddb amsterdam
delisounds - sea elephant" viral, studio funk hamburg
scholz&friends - short history of marketing, corporate film, agency: scholz&friends
broadway fashion nyc, cinema, agency: legas delaney hamburg
elmex sensitive, commercial, agency: y&r, frankfurt
wmf dampfkochtöpfe, 3 commercials, agency: knsk, hamburg
dmax "hymn of the woman" commercial, agency: jvm alster
the paces "you don't know" music video, label: alterna recording
mtv switch-greensong, agency: 180° amsterdam
quelle, commercial, agency: heuer & sachse
king.com "set, game and victory" commercial, agency: kti
multimediacapital magazine "real estate" commercial , agency: knsk
navigon "7100 & 8300" corporate film?rowohlt "clouds" commercial, agency: könig & berger
bbdo interone "io" corporate filmbuyvip "style, fashion, attitude" commercial, agency: kti multimedia
die welt newspaper "ocean of knowledge" commercial, agency: kolllerebbe
nature fund "space" commercial, gehrisch und krack filmproductions
lufthansa / mastercard "the card that can do more" commercial, agency: weigertpirouzwolf
jeep "ten little vehicles" commercial, agency: knsk
bosch "tools from paradise" commercial , agency: jvm fleet
thyssen krupp marine systems "sea of oppurtunities", corporate film
holsten "the holsten knight tale" viral, agency: scholz&friends
539090 filmproductions "drips and dots" branded short
altonale festival "altonale8 " festival trailer, uba agency
volkswagen phaeton "galanty show" commercial, agency: grabarz und partner

awards michael reissinger


wirtschaftsfilmtage wien:
silver (event/fair): iwc
silver: the frist painting (education)
best animation, special award: mckinsey (recruiting film)


red dot "best of the best" award 2013: schauspielhaus "field"

red dot "design" award 2013 berlin: schauspielhaus "field"

adc 2013, nomination category: craft animation: schauspielhaus "field"

new york festival 2013, finalist award: schauspielhaus "field"

saatchi & saatchi new directors showcase 2013: klsi bank "christmas season"


effie award 2012, silver effie - social and institutional advertising: exit deutschland

red dot "best of the best" award 2012: corporate film: mckinsey

golden award of montreux, finalist corporate images: mckinsey

ny festival 2012, nomination corporate films: mckinsey

red dot award 2012, nomination: vaillant

shots magazine issue 135: vaillant

adc 2012 :exit germany casefilm - the trojan t-shirt 1x silver, 1 x bronce


epica 2011: exit germany casefilm - the trojan t-shirt;
- 1x silver

eurobest 2011: exit germany casefilm - the trojan t-shirt; 
- 1 x gold, 3 x silver, 1 x bronce

epica award 2011: schauspielhaus hamburg - kritikhagel 
- bronce medal in category "public interest"

adc award 2011: schauspielhaus hamburg - kritikhagel
- nomination in category "image film"
- nomination in category "cinema commercial"

bitfilm festival mumbay 2011: mtv switch - greensong for 180 amsterdam
- nomination in category vfxmix

red dot award: schauspielhaus hamburg - kritikhagel
- nomination in category "advertising"
- nomination in category "animation"

die klappe 2011: schauspielhaus hamburg - kritikhagel
- nomination in category "animation"

one show award 2011: schauspielhaus hamburg - kritikhagel
- nomination in category "public interest"


adc award 2010: entega
- bronze in category "image film"

eurobest 2010:
- nomination for "senheiser nano notes" category animation für tribal ddb

bitfilmfestival barcelona 2010:
- nomination for "history of marketing" für scholz & friends

festival of animated film stuttgart 2010
-nomination in category "under comission" für wmf

vdw award 2010: sennheiser - nano notes
- nomination in category "animation"

adc award 2010: entega - vision
- bronze in category "image film"
- nomination vfx design for sennheiser - nano notes


saatchi&saatchi new german directors showcase 2009:
- nomination for mtv switch "greensong"

adc germany 2009: for mtv switch in categories:
- nomination for tv
- nomination for tv in air promotion
- bronce for sfx design

adc germany 2009: for scholz & friends corporate film in category:
- nomination for corporate film

adc germany 2009: for wmf in categories:
- nominationfor tv
- nomination for sfx design


spotlight festival 2008: bronze for jeep - ten little vehicles

new york festival 2008:
- nomination for jeep " ten little vehicles" in automotive
- nomination for jeep "ten little vehicles" in animation

die klappe 2008: nomination for jeep "ten little vehicles"

one show 2008: nomination for jeep "ten little vehicles" in automotive

cannes lions 2008: finalist for jeep " ten little vehicles" in tv

cresta award 2008:
- shortlist for jeep "ten little vehicles" in tv
- finalist for jeep "ten little vehicles" in viral films

vdw award 2008: nomination for jeep "ten little vehicles" in animation

adc germany 2008: for jeep-ten little vehicles in categories:
- bronce for tv
- bronce for cinema commercials
- shortlist for design


cfpe young director 2007: 2nd european broadcast

cfpe young director 2007: nomination branded short

bitfilm festival 2007: mobile award 1st prize

adc germany 2007: goldmedal category tv commercial

adc germany 2007: silvermedal category cinema commercial

adc europe 2007: nomination category tv & cinema commercial

new york festivals 2007: gold medal tv commercial

new york festivals 2007: gold medal art direction

adc of new york 2007 gold medal tv commercial automotive

cannes lions 2007: nomination automotive commercial

golden award of montreux 2007, tv commercial

london advertising award 2007, tv commercial

epica award 2007, tv, automotive commercial

die klappe 2007 silver award

vdw award 2007: nomination best animation

vdw award 2007: nomination best script

vdw award 2007: nomination best national commercial

one show award 2007: automotive commercial

and over 15 further nominations and awards (...aniboom, anifest, kurzfilmtage oberhausen 2007...)

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