David Aufdembrinke

David Aufdembrinke is a Director and Photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He has worked as a Multimedia Art Director from a young age and gained extensive experience in Post Production and Interactive Motion Design. He’s always been a visual nerd. Today he spends most of his time directing and shooting. He also likes to cook.
He has created visuals on a variety of media platforms from interactive applications and websites to advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, books, covers, commercials, music videos, and films. He has won awards such as the London Intl. Advertising Award 2007, Golden Award of Montreux 2008, and the ADC Digital Media Craft, Interface/Navigation 2011 and ADC Film Craft / best editing Silver 2016.

David Aufdembrinke


adc 2017, silver nail: "beginner - es war einmal" musicvideo (category: film/musicvideo)
hans musikpreis 2016, bestes imaging: "beginner - es war einmal" musicvideo
adc 2016, silver nail: "asd - legendär" musicvideo (category: filmcraft/editing)
international film & music awards 2016, best hip hop video: "asd - legendär"

commercials/music video
tüv - dojo/pretty ugly motion pictures, berlin
Pizza hut "cheesy crunch" - dejavu, dubai
Onejiru, Music video
mcDonalds "McFlurry", oki film, munich
lvm versicherung "mc Fitti", mookwe, hamburg
mcDonalds "wem glaubst du", markenfilm crossing, hamburg
stc prepaid, dreambox, lebanon
uefa/dfb Em 2024 competition, hogarth worldwide, Germany
penny anniversary campaign "45 years", e+p films, hamburg
saltatio mortis "grosse träume" (music video, q film, hamburg
becks bier campaign, element e, berlin
angst - digital billboard campaign, team überground, hamburg
Matten /music video, e+p, german wahnsinn
underarmour, mookwe
smart, filmdeluxe
vodafone gigapass, element e
smart 20 years, anniversary film, filmdeluxe, berlin
aida "feel the beat", mr. bob films
e wie einfach "wenn alles einfach wäre", mädchenfilm
shpock "shpock doch", foxdevil films
weg.de, e+p commercials
jimdo, e+p commercials
swr "funk", ard + zdf (superviral), element e
dirk von lowtzow & beatsteaks - french disko (music video), mookwe
porn-hub, 27km, hamburg
x-tra (commercial), new id
absolute beginner - es war einmal (music video), pauls´boutique
absolute beginner - ahnma (music video), pauls´boutique
coca cola (commercial), foxdevil films
vape (commercial), new id
sierra tequila - milenario (internet spot), pauls´boutique
samsung mobile – befearless cinemagraphs (interactive photography), markenfilm
saltatio mortis - ohne strom und stecker unplugged sessions (music video), qfilm
slowwatch (spec commercial)
bosch – art+ahs pos-films (commercial), blmfilm
saltatio mortis – wo sind die clowns (music video), qfilm
asd – legendär / populär (music video), mookwe
desert (shortfilm), self-produced, dir+dop
atmosfair – die vier jahreszeiten (commercial), e+p films
alban endlos – umda (music video)
duncan townsend – endless road (music video), familyhouse productions
otto – no rules just fun (commercial), pilot entertainment
engelhard arzneimittel - isla med hydro+ (commercial), before9 productions
osram – led lamp family 2014 (commercial), before9 productions
schön klinik neustadt (documentary), e+p films
radeberger on air teaser (documentary), e+p films
gängeviertel e.g. (commercial), filmfabrique
josanto – rain ponchos (commercial)
mia electric – silence (spec commercial), filmfabrique
bedouin soundclash – brutal hearts (music video), dokuwa
adana twins - brasil tour 2014 (music-documentary), dir+dop
das bo – fumbananana (music video), kruppofilm
osram – led lamp family 2013 (commercial), before9 productions
wir sind eppendorf – willkommen in der hegestraße 46 (documentary) dir+dop
home (shortfilm)
polar (shortfilm), dir+dop
12 seconds in christiania (shortfilm), dir+dop
death-time-love (shortfilm), spec episode film with seb houis and melodie grumberg, dir+dop
samsung - weisse ware / white line (commercials), kruppofilm
three chord society - on the brink (music video), kruppofilm
gothaer insurance (casefilm), e+p films, dir+dop
esprit - autumn/winter 2012 collection (commercial), kruppofilm
restless (shortfilm)
pilot - agency of the future (image-film), pilot entertainment, concept + animation direction
mia diekow – ding (music video)
mia diekow -  epk
baby lou - gimme your eyes (music video), kruppofilm
merceds-benz car configurator (interactive film), nolthe&lauth, animation direction
rödl & partner – targenio produkfilm (casefilm), e+p films, dir+dop
wunderwelten (commercial), cellular, animation direction
illuminate the night (dance shortfilm)
telekom – wissen verändert alles (interactive spot), ponyfilm, animation direction
tempero (experimental musicvideo)
begegnung (effect sequence in shortfilm), hamburg media school
kingdrips - store 2011 (commercial)
demigoddess - where do i belong (music video), e+p films
smart – microsite (casefilm), jung von matt, animation direction
vodafone - fool yourself (commercials), e+p films
ergon urban – berlin (commercial), studio k3, co-direction+editing
form (shortfilm)
pritt – paper gang (casefilm), animation direction
sight (shortfilm)
der anton pleva (demoreel commercial), uta hansen management
der mann von visegrad (shortfilm)
tui cruises – west europa (website-intro), neteye, motion direction
iwc schaffhausen – interactive watch-cinemagraphs (interactive photographies with adjustable
clock hands and video elements), motion direction and flash-development
olympus pen ep1 launch-film (commercial), polargold
niemals gewalt / never violence  (shortfilm), self-produced/dago kinderlobby e.v.
lg - 200hz highspeed tv (interactive commercial, co-direction with markus gerwinat), qfilm
nivea for men – jogi löw webspecial (interactive films), neteye, motiondesign
loterij flandres – tour des flandres (commercial), studio k3, animation direction
montblanc collection villeret 1858 (interactive webspecial), elephant seven, interactive motion direction for 2d+3d content
mercedes-benz iaa special (interactive film), syzygy, art direction + motiondesign
kampnagel – hell on earth (commercial trailer)
red bull on-premise knowledge base (interactive webspecial), interactive motion direction
31.03.2057 (shortfilm)
up in smoke (shortfilm)

David Aufdembrinke
David Aufdembrinke