Manuel Lübbers | DOPBloody Secrets - Trailer
Manuel Lübbers | DOP
Bloody Secrets - Trailer

Bloody Secrets


Victim Blaming


Domino Pizza




Domino Pizza

Clock | DC


on air version



Silence Out Of Control




Einfach Wegwerfen

Dead Sea Dying

Official Trailer

Corbertores da Papa

Short Documentary



Merz Aesthetics


about manuel lübbers

manuel lübbers is a cinematographer from germany shooting fictional films, documentary films and commercials.

since he started filming at the age of 12, he has developed a passion for experimenting with images while always trying to discover new ways of storytelling.

currently he is based in munich studying cinematography at the renowned university of television and film. since then.

his films were screened at a variety of festivals where they earned several awards and international recognition.

filmography manuel lübbers

deka | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst
spotify | d: zayat | p: everyone films cairo
visana | dir: benjamin brettschneider | p: markenfilm ch
true crime documentary | p: bavaria fiction gmbh
bkf // e& smiles | dir: we are m.zayat | p: big kahuna films
exit ch | dir: we are nozy | p: rocket film ch
gsk | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst
dfv | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst
deka | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst
domino pizza | d: zayat | p: everyone films cairo
interview | dir: o.a. | p: watch lola
bayrische markenfilme | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst
rock im park | dir: andreas heidenreich | p: studio films
soldatin | dir: we are nozy | p: hff münchen
canada life | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst gmbh
atar airways | dir: tom stevens | p: fortemus films london
world youth forum | dir: zayat | p: citi films productions
google security | dir: christoph chrudimak | p: alex browning
app on care | dir: we are nozy | p: we are nozy
roland berger | dir: markus skroblies | p: sirenenrock gmbh
prio event | dir: dimitro roggon | p: scope digital arts gmbh
audi | p: ivory productions
cmo serie | dir: steve goldbloom | p: second peninsula LA
vkb | dir: carl-markus gehrmann | p: offensivst gmbh
aok insurance | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst gmbh
mcdonalds | dir: carl - markus gehrmann | p: offensivst gmbh
dr. hauschka | dir: helena herb | p: arctic fox film
Ifixit | dir: moritz schlögell | p: arctic fox film "silence out of control" | dir: helena herb | p: hff
EU-kommission #gehwaehlen | dir: lukas märz | p: arctic fox

documentary films
true crime | p: bavaria fiction gmbh
lost trace | dir: mariella santibanez | p: hff
dead sea dying | dir: rebecca zehr | katharina rabl | p: taro films

short films
little boxes | dir: moritz schlögell | p: hff

documentary tv series
sky true crime | parkhaus mord | p: bavaria fiction

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awards manuel lübbers

american society for deaf children " silence out of control spotlight 2021 | social impact: bronze
spotlight 2021 | audience awards - social impact: silver
ADC talent award 2021: silver
CLIO award student 2021: bronze
DWP 2021: shortlist top 10
YDA 2021: shortlist
NY Festival advertising awards: shortlist

ifixit | commerical
spotlight Audience Awards 2021 category TV + cinema: bronze
The Young Ones ADC category TV AD: gold

dead sea dying | documentary
German Society for Film Critic (2019) – winner best short film 2019
Visions Du Réel (Nyon, 2019) – Tenk Award
EDOC Encuentros del otro cine (Ecuador, 2019) – shortlist
Diagonale (Graz, 2020) – shortlist
DOK.fest München (2019) – shortlist
International Short Film Festival Hamburg (2019) – shortlist
dokumentART (Neubrandenburg, 2019) – european competition


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