Achim Lippoth


achim lippoth is in the world of photography already one of the top. german newspaper welt am sonntag announced him as one of the best photographer for children.
achim was born 1968 in ilshofen. after finishing his college degree in manchester he studied arts and sports in cologne where he is still living today.
since 1992 he works as freelancer specialized exclusively on children images. 1995 he even published a children-magazine called “kids wear”.
he is collecting awards left and right and is known as steven meisel of children photography.
since 1998 he started also working as director in the same world of images proving that he understands to capture the purity and unmasked nature of children even on moving pictures.

Achim Lippoth



2001 ADC Berlin – Bronze, Category »Photography«

2003 Lead Award – Gold, »Fashion & Lifestyle Photography«,

2003 ADC Berlin – Silber, Category »Editorial«

2003 ADC Berlin – Bronze, Category »Photography«

2003 ADC Berlin – Bronze, Category »Magazine Title«

2004 ADC NY – Silver, Category »Photography«

2004 ADC NY, commendation, Category »Editorial«

2004 Eurobest Award – Saatchi & Saatchi Paris

2005 ADC NY – Silver, Category »Photography«

2005 ADC NY – commendation, Category »Photography«,

2005 Lotus Awards – Silver and Bronze, Categories

»Publication« and »Media«,

2005 Grand Prix Stratégies de la Publicité
 recommendation in Category »Non-Commercial Campaigns«

2005 The Creative Circle – Silver, category

»Best Women’s Magazine Advertisement«

2005 Lead Award – Silver for »Fashion & Lifestyle Photography«

2005 Lead Award – Bronze for »Fashion & Lifestyle Photography«

2005 IPA Gold – Silver and Bronze,

»Professional Photographer of the Year«, category »People«

2006 ADC NY – three Merits, Category »Editorial«

2006 ADC Paris – 1. prize, Category »Poster Campaign«

2006 Clio Awards NY – Gold, Category »Print«

2006 Magazine Print Award MPA, Belgium
 Gold in Category »Poster Campaign«

2006 Cannes Lions 2006 – Bronze Lion

2006 »IPA Professional Photographer of the Year« – Category »People«

2006 Eurobest Award – Gold, Category »Print«

2006 Epica Award – Gold, Category »Print«

2006 American Photography No. 22

2007 Eurobest Award – Silver, Categories »Print« and »Outdoor«

2007 London International Award – Gold, Category »Print«

2007 Cannes Lions 2007 – Gold Lion

2007 American Photography No. 23

2007 Lead Award – Silver, Category »Mood & Fashionphotography«

2007 D & AD Award London 2007 – Yellow Pencil

2007 ADC Berlin – Bronze, Category »Print Advertising«

2007 New York Festivals (NYF)

Gold World Medal, Category »Home Entertainment«

Silver World Medal, Category »Home Entertainment«

2007 Clio Award – Silver, Category »Print«

2008 ADC Germany – Silver, Category »Photography / Editorial«

2008 Lead Award Bronze – Category »Photography«

2008 American Photography No. 24

2009 Clio Award – Bronze, Category »Poster«

2009 Golden Award of Montreux - Gold Medal,

Category »Home Appliances Entertainment«

2009 New York Festival – Gold World Medal,

Category »Home Product/Services«

2009 American Photography No. 25

2009 Cresta Award, Category »Magazine«

2009 IPA – 1st Category Winner »Photography Book of the Year«

2009 EPICA – Silver for both Categories "Food" and "Advertising Photography"

Achim Lippoth
Achim Lippoth