Robert Papaïs

robert, born in 1961, started photography at 13 building his own darkroom in the basement of his parent house and learning alone on book the way to process black and white photos. at 14 he started after school to spend his time on photographers set to see the way they shoot photos and at 17 he started a photographic shool.
he worked then for more than 6 years as a photographer.
then he changed his business into the tv, film and commercial world for about more than 10 years.
after a 1 year time at canal plus he came back to the advertising world which is his first love.
he still does sometimes the photos for print campaigns for the clients while he is shooting for the same project as the dop on a commercial project!
robert is used to work with all kind of formats (digital, hd, red, 35, 16mm etc....)
his experience in skiing, diving (licence no.1) and helicopter shoots adds a big variety to robert´s range of activities.

robert lives with his family and his 3 kids in france and speaks fluently french, english, italian and a lttle spanish. he is french/italian.

Robert Papaïs


bgi handball 16
scholl, dir: thomas krygier
vita sprint, dir: oliver julius
bion, dir: lior har-lev
camay, dir: didier canneau
dim, dir: nicolas troyan
nesquick cereals, dir: julien triusselier
boursorama, dir: adriano falconi
dove men, dir: jaci judelson
martell cognac, dir: fred garcon
palmolive, dir: didier caneaux -action film
lion, - satellite my love paris
club med, dir: bruno availlan - quad
persil, dir: katie bell - bikini film
head and shoulder , dir: katie bell - bikini film
lexmark, dir: philippe andre - villains
garnier, dir: didiers cannaux - franco
societe generale, dir: julien trousselier - wanda
peugeot 307, dir: philippe andre - wanda
sharp, dir: philippe andre - villains
skoda, dir: wilfrid brimo - wanda
dexia, dir: andy morahan - bikini film
intima, dir: dider cannaux - joe et bob
cailler, dir: thomas job - wanda
garnier, dir: didier cannaux - franco
peugeot 206, dir: philippe andre - wanda
raiffeisen bank, dir: thomas job
cavailles, dir: didier cannaux - magali films
fitness didier cannaux - magali films
garnier didier cannaux - magali films
interspar, dir: thomas job - sabotage
johnson & johnson 1, dir: didier cannaux - uk
johnson & johnson 2, dir: didier cannaux - uk
nestea, dir: jacy judelson - markenfilm
nivea, dir: jacy judelson - wanda
rimmel / kate moss 1, dir: fred garson - uk
rimmel / kate moss 2, dir: fred garson - uk
three, dir: thomas job - sabotage
garnier 3, dir: didier canaux - franco
katjes katzenpfötchen, dir: thomas krygier
yakult, dir: greta norton
philips, dir: fred garson
viking tractors, dir: annemarie van depute
south africa telecom, dir: didier borges
baton de berger salami, dir: jean-yves lafesse
cantadou cheese, dir: michel meyer
yellow pages, dir: bartes and jamin
gfm assurances, dir: bartes and jamin
mc donalds, dir: bartes and jamin
kropla, dir: yannick saillet
coral black velvet, dir: yannick saillet
lactel, dir: jordan feldman
renault-remember, dir: jordan feldman
macif assurance, dir: jordan feldman
bouygues telecom, dir: jordan feldman
bledina, dir: valerie clement
l´oreal, dir: ndaya
hamburgers quick, dir: real de mardrid
tahiti, dir: bruno sauvard
tps television, dir: bruno sauvard
attiwaja bank, dir: bruno sauvard
mc donalds, dir: bruno sauvard
maroc telcom, dir: bruno sauvard
flunch, dir: bruno sauvard
tele 2, dir: bruno sauvard
badoit water, dir: bruno sauvard
skip, dir: katie bell
center parcs, dir: didier cannaux
dove, dir: didier cannaux
corus, dir: andy morahan
kriss glasses, dir: gil bowens
cegetel telecom, dir: gil bowens
valentine paint, dir: gil bowens
contrex, dir: jaci judelson
mixa, dir: jaci judelson
nivea, dir: jaci judelson
audi-take me for a ride, dir: jaci judelson; prod: markenfilm
diadermine, dir: jaci judelson
lacoste parfum, dir: philippe andre
philips 66, dir: philippe andre
integra, dir: philippe andre
opel, dir: philippe andre
haribo, dir: bruno availlan
europe 1, dir: bruno availlan
alcatel cable, dir: bruno availlan

short film:

the rope; dir: philippe andre

music video:

roger sanchez, prod: another chance, dir: philippe andre
emilie simon, prod:desert, dir: philippe andre
kyo, prod: sarah, dir: julien trousselier
zazie, prod: je suis un home, dir: yvan attal


oliver julius
lior har-lev
bruno availlan
bruno sauvard
thomas krygier
real de madrid
valerie clement
jordan feldman
yannick saillet
bartes et jamin
michel meyer
jean yves lafesse
didier borges
anne marie van depute
didier cannaux
greta norton
philippe andre
jaci judelson
gilles bowens
thomas job
wilfrid brimo
julien trousselier
yvan attal
fred garcon
katie bell
andy morahan

Robert Papaïs


airtel - endless goodbye -
won a BRONZE Lion at the CANNES Film Festival 2011
dir.: philippe andré

peugeot 206 - metamorphosis -
jury grand prize 12th Festival Marcus / european car advertising
Film festival of Clermont ferrand, bronce price at eurobest 2003
dir.: philippe andré

club med -
golden globe News York award 2000
dir: bruno availlan

shortfilm "the rope" -
seattle international film festival: 1 reel film festival 2006 - jury prize , best narrative film
dir.: phillippe andré

Robert Papaïs
Robert Papaïs