Jens Jansson | DOP
Volvo - V90
Jens Jansson | DOP
Volvo - V90


Concept you



Volvo v 60

Cross Country

Volvo xc 60


Volvo xc 90

Made by Sweden

Goteborg Intern. Film Festival


Volvo v 90

Cross Country

Volvo xc 40

Studio Reveal Assets

Volvo v 90



R- Design

Volvo xc 40



Winter Training

C. Kobler

My favourite Shoe


Rechargeable Batteries


about jens jansson

jens is a scandinavian dop and a member of fsf, swedish society of cinematographers.

in the early 90´s he started his career under the surface as a scuba diver instructor and underwater photographer. this unique perspective has given jens a distinctive style and approach to his work, always ensuring there is a strong visual and emotional connection to his images.

after shooting over a 100 international music videos, his love for storytelling and visual imagery made him concentrate on countless commercials, television dramas, documentaries and feature film. he is a specialist for all types of automotive car shoots and an expert in the use of russian arms and helicopters where he operates all the systems himself (flighthead, cineflex, shotover, maximus 7, wescam, scorpio. etc).

and while jens is a technical skilled dop, his approach to any project always stems from storytelling. ensuring the scripts and production’s vision is always paramount, guaranteeing that all his images have an authentic and filmic look.

jens speaks fluent english and swedish and lives with his wife and two children in gothenburg, sweden.

filmography jens jansson

commercials and coperate films
renault | dir: john s park | p: quad production paris
volvo the all new xc40 - global revealfilm
volvo the all new xc60 - global revealfilm
kappahl - fashion summer tvc
kappahl - fashion spring tvc
volvo s60l tvc
volvo the all new v90 cc - global revealfilm
volvo the all new v90 - global revealfilm
volvo the all new s90 - global revealfilm
statoil - real hotdogs tvc
volvo the all new xc90 - global revealfilm
hitta - tv
volvo cross country - winter challenge
k cobler tvc
ikea - battery tvc
volvo concept you
alrifai tvc
volvo s60 facelift global
garmin tvc
göteborg energi - tvc
volvo v60 facelift global
volvo xc60 facelift global
volvo v50 classic tvc
ikea - nornäs tvc
volvo r-design global revealfilm/tvc ( los angeles )
volvo xc70 global revealfilm ( dubai )
volvo v70 global revealfilm ( dubai )
volvo s80 global revealfilm ( dubai )
volvo c30 barcelona
volvo trucks
skanska global film
bic tvc
beeline - moscow tvc
coop tvc
volvo v70 new zealand
volvo xc70 global launchfilm
volvo xc60 san fransisco
volvo xc60 global launchfilm
volvo ocean race global launch scotland
saga form tvc
volvo eco drive
freeport tvc
volvo s80 global revealfilm monaco
eurobet tvc
paru vendu – train tvc
paru vendu – restaurant tvc
volvo – 2020
svt – ”fri television” tuva novotny
kosta boda tvc
"absolut millenium" - absolut vodka
”vä" tvc
"volvo for life" - volvo
"citymannen" - radio city
"riverton" - hotel riverton
"diamanter" – arvingarna
langley travel – ”the guest” tvc
langley travel – ”the chef” tvc
langley travel – ”the employee” tvc
volvo trucks
volvo - "total offer"
norwegian fotball federation – ”snowball” tvc
saab 9-3
siba tvc
santa maria – bumpers
santa maria – ”thai” tvc
if – ”rune” tvc
if – ”hockey” tvc
coca-cola tvc
telia 3g tvc
mömax – vase tvc
mömax – flag tvc
mömax – deer tvc
volvo s40
volvo s40 ”crashtest”
volvo v50
volvo xc90 v8
volvo winter challenge
silvan tvc
volvo d5
volvo c70
cris-tim – waterhose tvc
cris-tim – bichon tvc
cris-tim – butterfly tvc
volvo c70 dubai
volvo ”the all new xc90”
volvo s80
”knark är bajs”
fujifilm tvc
volvo c30 launch
volvo c30 mallorca


alex - crimeseries viaplay ( 3x45 min )
gynekologen i askim ( 3x45 television drama )
morden i fjällbacka - vänner för livet ( crimeseries 90 min )
oskyldigt dömd ( television drama 4x45 min )
johan falk – national target (television drama/feature film )
johan falk – leo gaut (television drama/feature film )
learning from light ( documentary feature )
oasis of the seas (documentary feature, national geographics)
festival (feature film)
shakespeare´s macbeth (feature film)
container (shortfilm)
den ljusnande framtid är vår (shortfilm, documentary)
tillträde förbjudet (shortfilm)
ryppar (shortfilm)
uttagningen (shortfilm)
ice hotel, discovery channel (documentary feature, discovery channel)
bonsai (television drama 9x30min svt)
pretty nasty (shortfilm)
the ultimate cruise ship, (documentary feature, discovery channel)


stonefunkers - "depend on me"
selma - "hitgirl"
the underdog project - "summerjam"
7 inch project - "all i want to know"
rednex - "spirit of the hawk"
sacha - "chemical reaction"
thomas ruziak - "whole lot of things" (partial)
håkan hellström - "en vän med en bil"
axwell - "pull over"
mazarine street - "upstairs"
isak - "turn the page"
exellence - "need to know"
bubbles - "my boyfriend"
camilla brinck - "heaven"
bravo 6 - "vivabelle"
evergrey - "the masterplan"
bosson - "i believe"
brooklyn bounce - "club bizarre"
rednex - "the chase"
motorhomes - "the man"
bro´sis (popstars germany) - "i believe"
bosson - "over the mountain"
bad cash quartet - "monday morning"
the underdog project - ”saturday night”
7 gemini remix - the underdog project - ”saturday night”
rollergirl -”geisha dreams”
dido´s - ”i walk on crystal”
division of laura lee - ”got to get some”
weeping willows - ”falling”
tribal inc. – ”to my face”
prominent – ”she”
tony freeman
pstq – ”vi mot röset”
b´ng – ”be what you wanna be”
within – ”temptation”
regina lund lars carlsson – ”önska”
natural – ”will it ever”
ng3 – ”tell me”
division of laura lee – ”black city”
andreas johnson – ”waterfall”
melody club – ”im electric
alex c. feat. yasmine k. – ”amigos forever”
marc sway – ”natural high”
embassy – ”it never entered my mind”
kristoffer ragnstam – ”perfect vacation”
melody club – ”covergirl”
da buzz – ”alive”
kane – ”rain down on me”
bad cash quartet – ”dirty days”
izabelle – ”fantiserar om dig”
shebang – ”crash”
hardcore superstar – ”honey tounge”
captain murphy – ”i am what”
surferosa – ”saturday night”
surferosa – ”lucky lipstick”
broder daniel – ”shoreline”
frame – ”forever train”
bodies without organs – ”living in a fantasy”
melody club – ”boys in the girlsroom”
millencolin – ”ray”
in flames – ”my sweet shadow”
millencolin – ”shut you out”
heiland – ”shuld”

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