Andrew G.Christensen



Andrew is from a creative background in the Danish film industry.
He has worked with commercials and narrative films for several years, collaborating with highly respected and award-winning filmmakers.

In 2003 he moved to Los Angeles, where he attended the MFA program in cinematography at The American Film Institute, and from which he graduated in 2005.

He has an openminded personality and is very passionate about storytelling. He has an artistic approach and embraces all the challenges that can occur in filmmaking.

Andrew currently lives in Denmark with his wife and four children.



Andrew G.Christensen





• Fugle, Short, Dir: Trine Nadia

• Søstre, Short, Dir: Toni Kamula

• Liv(e), Short, Dir: Denise kræmer Jacobsen

• Sporskifte, Short, Dir: Thomas Magnussen, Gordon Kennedy

• X, Short, Dir: Jesper Skoubølling

• Mørkerum, Short, Dir: Peter Ahlen

• 3 Fractures, Short, Dir: Toni Kamula

• Zombiehagen, Short, Dir: Jonas Ussing

• Natten er ung, Short , Dir: Niels Holstein Kaa

• Nothing to Fear (Additional Cinematography) Feature, Dir: Anthony Leonardi 

• Cyberpunk, Webisode, Dir: Zach Horton

• Political Disasters, Feature, Dir: Zach Horton

• Shopping Cart War, Short, Dir: Paul Hansen

• Heartmedicine, Short, Dir: Gregers Heering

• Rules of War, Short, Dir: Paul Hansen

• Existence, Short, Dir: Anthony Leonardi III

• Special Ops, Short, Dir: Mathias Hovgaard




• vw | Dir: Jesper Skoubølling | p: two films / bakery films

• 3 Mobil Dir: Joachim Nielsen

• Plan Denmark, Dir: Anne Marie Mygind

• Skandi E-Cig, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Magasin, Dir: Christian Bagger

•, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Jack & Jones, Dir: Johan Stahl

• Jack & Jones, Dir: Jesper Skoubølling

• Danone, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Nordea, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Carlsberg Sport, Dir: Sune Hjorth

• Orangina

• Sterling Airways Dir: Christian Bagger

• Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Denmarks Radio, Dir: Johan Stahl

• FBB (India), Dir: Anthony Leonardi III

• Thiele Sunglasses

• FDM, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Fri Cykler, Sune Hjorth

• Stark, Dir: Michael Langhoff

• Bravo Tours, Dir: Johan Stahl

• BMW - Drive Now, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Actimel, Dir: Michael Spooner

• Bolia - Oland, (Shooting Director)

• Kodak, Dir: (Shooting Director)

• VW, Dir: Jesper Skoubølling

• Meny, Dir: Michael Spooner

• Jabra, Dir: Gaute Hesthagen

• OK Benzin, Dir: Klaus Spendser

• Sikker trafik, Dir: Gaute Hesthagen

• NKT, Dir: Christian Bagger

• Mercedes, Dir: Jesper Skoubølling

• Global Works (Japan), Dir: GauteHesthagen

• Bang & Olufsen, Dir: Jesper Skoubølling



• Slash, You’re a Lie, Dir: Anthony Leonardi III

• Sound of a Gunshot, Stereo, Dir : Jesper Skoubølling

• Xtra Naan, Malk Mig, Dir: Simon Bonde



• Deliver Us From Evil, Feature Documentary(Additional Cinematography), Dir: Amy Berg



American Film Institute, Cinematography Program 2003-2005


Assistant Camera, 2nd ass. camera on features, music videos and commercials.

Working with awardwinning cinematographers such as: Anthony Dod Mantle,

Robert Fraisse, Jörgen Persson, Peter Suschinsky, Alex Thomsen, Dan Laustsen,

Jan weincke.



Andrew G.Christensen
Andrew G.Christensen