our company:

through our offices in berlin, hamburg and munich trinity agency has been operating as an internationally successful network of agencies for over ten years. we represent an exclusive selection of german and international filmmakers: directors, directors of photography, motion designers and writers, an extensive but carefully selected list of highly accomplished and skilled specialists in their fields.

our concept:

each of our agents has a wealth of experience in production. some of us have worked in tv departments of international advertising agencies. from our own experience we know the needs and requirements of our customers. we enjoy contributing to successful and exciting commercials with competence, passion, sensitivity and by providing excellent service. we are aware of our responsibility to advise and to support our customers, and we will do so with all our efforts.
over the years we have developed an extensive network operating worldwide, which also serves as a platform to observe and analyse the market. for the benefit of our customers, as trinity agency represents a diverse selection of filmmakers whose skills, knowledge and character we know and value. And for the benefit of our artists, helping them to successfully position themselves. or well established names and promising newcomers, our aim as a team is to not only support them, but also to help them evolve their careers continuously.

our confidence:

in our industry experience is equally important as having an open mind for new developments, reliability equally essential as flexibility, a straightforward and confident approach as vital as sensitivity and a human touch. In this fast moving industry we enjoy and take care of our long term relationships with our business partners, but also see them as a commitment. because ultimately we know that the most important currency in this business is not the euros, dollar, ruble or pound – the most important value is trust.

trinity agency is member of the A.d.a - www.the-ada.net.

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