Marieli Fröhlich

Marieli is a working cat, known for her perfectionism and unfailing aspiration for highest quality.
her work is both: visceral and beautiful. Constantly innovative, she gives unfamiliar twists to familiar imagery. Her sumptuous cinematography, distinctive casting and refined art direction set her apart as a sexy, vivid and
exciting film maker.

Some people take years to realize and discover what their passion is. Marieli developed a passionate love for film in early childhood in her father’s art house cinema, where she spent entire afternoons.
Born in a bohemian family of artists, writers, film directors and musicians in Vienna, Austria she already started to act in films as a teenager and this is how it all began.

French director Claude Chabrol later discovered her for Fantomas, starring next to Helmut Berger. Several roles followed, finally leading to Marieli’s decision of directing her own films.

She travelled the world and lived in different cities such as Paris, New York and Vienna, met people that influenced her work and vision, like fabulous photographer Guy Bourdin, a friend of her parents whom she assisted on
some of his legendary photo shoots for Vogue. She met Martin Scorcese and Jonas Mekas amongst others during her stay in New York, working at Anthology Filmarchives.

Asking about her work she would say:” You got a dream, you gotta protect it, Imagination can take me everywhere. Most of the time I do what I love: directing films.

Marieli is a real pro, leading her team with self confidence and unflappability. Being rather the “calm in the storm” when hitting a snag, she will search for the best solutions with wit and efficiency. She is funny, well educated and very charming! You will enjoy her company!

Marieli was Vice President of the Creative Club Austria CCA and invited to lecture in Switzerland and Austria about new visual trends in advertising.

marieli lives in vienna with her family and speaks german, english, french and Italian fluently.

Marieli Fröhlich

clients and other projects

some of her clients:

beauty and fashion: scholl, woman campaign, el corte ingles, maxx royal design, canesten, neutro roberts, c&a, h&m, vivienne tam, quelle, humanic, schneiders, nina ricci, nivea, oil of olaz, aok, juvena, clearasil, odol, tetesept, bepanthol, schwarzkopf, gloria, just pure, timotei, lux, dove, pert, pantene, sunsilk, vesna, lycia...

public services and charity:, bank austria, creditanstalt, caritas, hospiz rennweg, land mines...

beverages and food: billa, cb12, scholl, müller, magnat, camillie bloch, haagen dazs, magnum, manner, milka, kit kat, mon cherie, darbo, lipton, kellogs, sarotti, camille bloch, tchibo, granini, monini, voeslauer, rotkaeppchen, schlumberger, chef menu, dr. oetker, knorr, sarotti, gala, hag, viactiv, fidus, toni, actimel, philadelphia, rauch, vitasnella, nestlé...

baby and kids: hipp, hero, nestlé, nido, humana, pampers, chicco, ravensburger, nivea, fruchtzwerge, mellin, mam, dada...

cars, tv-idents, airlines: toyota, mazda, audi, premiere world, dubai one, dubai shopping festival, katara cultural village, saudi arabian airlines...


other work:

"stop for a moment" art project in process 2014

"gertie fröhlich" film portrait in process 2014 

"sos jesus" tv serie writing process 2013-2014  

"moments of being" script for feature film in process 2013-2014

"snatches of a conversation-anders eliasson" documentary 2013

"nika nika" independent short 2012

"transitions" photo series 2013

"saints" photo series 2004

"fruits" photo series 2000

"petra" photo series 1999



numerous photo series since 1990.

Marieli Fröhlich


Her films were awarded and won prices at several Art Directors Clubs, some were short-listed at Cannes, Clio, New York, London, Montreux, Hollywood and won golden, silver and platinum Effies, a National Award in Cannes and a Mobius Award.
Her latest nomination was for C&A Fashion "Darling Sara" at the New York Festivals in 2011, her film for Manner „Mannerfacteur“ won a silver Venus at the CCA and a Platinum Effie in 2013.

Marieli Fröhlich
Marieli Fröhlich