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humbi - the passionate snowboarder, surfer, adventurer and art addicted - started his career with snowboard films  and documentaries.

with his first films in advertising humbi earned respect and awards at the swiss edi award.
so producers and agencies become attentive and he started shooting for projects like swisscom, heineken, Sbb, Bkw and Axa.

his wide and impressive images are outstanding and are always a linked to the characters in a human aspect and full of sensitivity and passion.

humbi has lots of experience to work with real people around the world and has his own way to integrate them in the films as authentic people in a natural surrounding.

he lives in switzerland with his wife and his 2 kids, speaking german and english and some french.

welcome humbi!

humbi entress

naturaplan coop
penny xmas
w & w - wüstenrot & württemberg
merck "image"
kfw bank
samsung "onwax"
nivea "vatertag" / tvc 60'
electrolux "a great taste" / tvc 40'
swisscom "business booster v.02" / imagefilm, web
sbb "gottardo 2016" / tvc 30'
twint "das lebensgefühl" / tvc 40', web
bkw "wo die energie zuhause ist" / imagefilm, web
heineken "champion the match with ruud gullit" / viral, web
swisscom "work smart" / commercial, web
swisscom "business booster v.01" / imagefilm, web
icebreaker "simon beck" / commercial, web
axa "flex work - ruedi" / tvc 30'
axa "flex work - mike" / tvc 30'
axa "flex work - mirjam" / tvc 30'
grönland "summer tourism" / commercial, web
grönland "episode 01 - bike" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 02 - kayak" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 03 - urban life" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 04 - fishing" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 05 - settlement life" / imagefilm, web
red bull "petr kraus in greenland" / web
red bull "petr kraus - bullit" / tv-documentary
laax "winter" / tvc 40'
laax "mitarbeiterfilm" / corporate, web
sbb "anyway - mitarbeiterfilm" / corporate, web
moneymuseum "15 erfolgsgeschichten" / portraits, kurzdokus
grönland "episode 01 - cool kangerlussuaq" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 02 - dog days" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 03 - urban arctic" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 04 - pristine peaks" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 05 - rough riders" / imagefilm, web
grönland "episode 06 - settlement songs" / imagefilm, web
sbb "mitarbeiterfilm" / corporate, web
sbb "musikvideo" / web
sbb "mitarbeiter portraits" / web
audi "classical experience" / web banner
winterthur "versteckte kamera" / web, viral
boffi "küchen imagefilm" / imagefilm, web
musikvideo "black cracker" / web
swisscom it "our client - sbb" /commercial, web
swisscom it "our client - tamedia" / commercial, web
swisscom it "our client - juracement" / commercial, web
stadelh. apotheke "eddie the eagle" / commercial, web
griesser "storen filme" / diverse testimonials
pullup orch. "pullup in avignon" / kurzdoku, web
feuerwehr "spot: auto" / commercial, web
feuerwehr "spot: haus" / commercial, web
"weisser horizont" , documenatary/ tv: srf, 3 sat, servus tv, ard


2002-2008 humbi shot different documentaries about snowboarders around the world, like "piteraq","green", "snowbored? ", "that´s all", red bull - drive by", "boundless".

humbi entress


winner special edi  | EDI 2018 | COOP Naturaplan
winner bronze | cannes lions 2017 | Swisscom „snow drawings“
winner bronze | ciclope festivals 2017 | Swisscom „snow drawings“
winner bronze | london int. awards lia 2017 | Swisscom „snow drawings“

winner silver dolphin | CANNES Corporate Media & TV Award 2016 | BKW „the home of energy“

EDI Nominierung mit "Swisscom Business Booster"
Silber am Deauville Green Awards mit "Rough.Real.Remote"
Shortlisted am Dutch Mountain Film Festival mit "Greenland – Bike"

EDI Nominierung "Simon Beck – Artist Series"
Finalist am Tourfilm Festival in Riga mit "Rough.Real.Remote"
Shortlisted am Tourism Film Festival Amorgos, Griechenland mit "Greenland Commercial"

Bronze EDI für "LAAX Mitarbeiterfilm"
Spezial EDI für "Greenland Commercial" (beste Kamera / Ralph Baetschmann)
FIJET Preis am Tourfilm Festival in der Tschechischen Republik
mit "Biking on Greenland’s Icecap"
Silber am Art&Tur Festival in Portugal mit "Biking on Greenland’s Icecap"
Silber am Art&Tur Festival in Portugal mit "Weisser Horizont"
Official Selection am Silafestival in Serbien mit "Biking on Greenland’s Icecap"

Bronze EDI für "SBB Mitarbeiterfilm"
Gewinner am Tyrolean Int. Filmfestival mit "Weisser Horizont"
Official Selection am Trento Filmfestival mit „Weisser Horizont"
Official Selection am Globians Doc Festival mit "Weisser Horizont"
Official Selection am Internationalen Bergfilmfestival Salzburg mit "Weisser Horizont"
Official Selection am Grönland Filmfestival in Kiel mit "Weisser Horizont"

Förderpreis für Kunst und Wissenschaft an der Pädagogischen Maturitätsschule

Gewinner Jury- und Publikumspreis am Capture the Ride Festival in Toronto mit "Snowbored?"

Screening von "That‘s All" am Züricher Film Festival.

humbi entress


Stories, Switzerland (excl.)

humbi entress
humbi entress